Click on the map to add a new circle; Double-click on the circle to show places found under it. Keywords will limit the search. Resize or move the circle as needed.

Search for Places Around the Lake Region in Minnesota, Manitoba, and Ontario

This tool will help you get to know the fascinating waters and lands of the Lake of the Woods region. Use it to search through the official geographical place names around the lake in Manitoba and Ontario, Canada, and in Minnesota, USA. Do this by entering words into the search field and then click on the magnifying-glass to check. This search does not recognize phrases but instead checks each word and its inflections for places to match.

You can also limit your searches to areas found under circles that you can add to the map. To do that click the next icon, the circle. A prompt appears that allows you to adjust the radius (in metres) of the search circle and its colour before clicking on the map to place it. You can add more than one circle. Once showing double-click on any one of them to return points found under it. Words entered into the search field will limit the places found. Click the magnifying-glass to search by keyword for places inside all circles.

Circles added to the map can be moved and resized by dragging them around or by updating settings that are displayed when you point at them. You can recentre the map on the region by clicking on the cross-hair icon or delete all points by using the X. Individual points can be removed using the X found in its information window.

The underlying data is limited to these bounds: 50, -95.66, 48.33, -93.33 .

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Places names are derived from the Canadian Geographical Names Database and the U.S. Board on Geographic Names.
Radial controls. You can set a radial between 1000 and 75000 metres. This value is used in two ways. It sets the radius of any new circle that you add to the map. It also controls the radius of any search against a point or for a corridor around a polyline.
Searching by keyword. Type in one or more words and then click 'find' to return all locations that match any word provided. The maximum number of localities found in this search is limit to the 2500 points. Subsequent searches will add to the points collected. You can click 'clear points' to start with fresh map.
Searching by location groups. Click on one or more of these generic groups to limit your searches to names that fall into these classifications. This works for both radial and name searches.
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