Sharing the Lake

I fell in love with the lands around the Lake of the Woods region when introduced to it in the early 1980's while field mapping in the Dryberry and Experimental Lakes area. It was wonderful to roam through these woods moving from outcrop to outcrop detailing what we saw there. I'm however hard-pressed to describe the experience of spending my days off path and on foot in this wild terrain. It's a world of sparkling crystal-clear lakes, babbling brooks, rugged hills with small escarpments, secret glens and clearings. Those quiet places under the canopy, painted with shadow and light, are filled with the clean and earthy smells of the great boreal forest. It would be nice if I could show you what the region was like back then since just a few words written here are in no way enough.

Times have changed and now we have the means to share the natural glory that this land holds. I believe that by showing it to others that will come to know and cherish it too. It is with that goal in mind that I've developed this site and its tool-sets. I hope that other area enthusiasts will join me in sharing their pictures and observations of this grand Lake and its surrounding lands.

The content from contributors are not to be commercial in nature. Local businesses that wish to contribute are welcome to join in provided that they respect this. The mention of your business will be limited to a profile that accompanies your content. Local businesses can register their location for free but are required to pay an annual fee to offset the our cost if posting content from their profile.

If you would like to get involved please reach out through our contact page. Any suggestions that you might have are very much appreciated. They'll go a long way into shaping our presentation.

The next step in development is to expand on the the tools needed to search through shared content. Look for that by early May. In the meantime, I'll be adding new photos regularly as I go through my photos from the past few years. Please tell your friends about this site.
Virtual North Inc.
See you around the Lake!

Dan Good
Virtual North Inc.

Spring, 2020